9th Central European Conference on Cryptography - Třebíč'09
June 23 -26, 2009
FSI VUT Brno Třebíč
Under the auspices of Ing. Ivo Uher, Major of city Třebíč and doc. RNDr. Miroslav Doupovec, CSc., Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno University of Technology.

The 9th Central European Conference on Cryptography - Třebíč'09 is the next in the series of Central European Conferences on Cryptography, a series which has become a traditional meeting of people interested in all areas of cryptography. The CECC series is organized every year since the year 2000 in one of the Central European countries - Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovak Republic and Poland. The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers in all aspects of foundations of cryptography, and related areas, theoretical or applied (e.g. encryption schemes, signature schemes, general cryptographic protocols, design of cryptographic systems, key management, computational difficulty, one-way functions, zero-knowledge proofs, pseudorandomness, information assurance, security in information systems, coding theory etc).

All participants are encouraged to present a contributed talk (see abstracts of invite speakers). The proceeding of the conference will be published in the Tatra Mountains Mathematical Publications (tatra.mat.savba.sk)

We organize a free special Conference shuttle transport from Vienna Airport to Třebíč at June, 22 (Monday). A reservation is necessary. If you have reserved your place, please wait at the Meeting Point (Treffpunkt) in the arrival hall. Departures from Vienna to Třebíč: 10:30, 15:45, 21:00.
A reduced fee 170 EUR (4800 CZK) is applied if you send the money on our account before the (extended) registration deadline June, 13.

The venue of the conference
The conference will take place in the city of Třebíč, an administrational, cultural and social center of historically very alive region.
map Třebíč lies almost as a gravity center of the triangle with vertices in Prague - the capital of Czech Republic, Brno - the capital of Moravian region, and Vienna - the capital of Austria. It is located 60km south-west from the Moravian metropolis Brno and 150km north-west from Vienna, and 150km south-east from Prague. The history is present at very step and every place of this marvelous city which oldest historical record dates back to the 12th century. Several sites of Třebíč are on the list of UNESCO protected monuments. The historical role of the region is best demonstrated by other two historical places protected as UNESCO monuments.
gheto center

The conference talks will be held in the congress hall of the hotel Grand (www.grand-hotel.cz/en/).

  • The (extended) registration deadline is June, 13.
  • The deadline for a late registration is June, 20.
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